Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First Reversible Tote Bag

I finished my tote bag today. I am so pleased with how it came out. We started out with a simple pattern and cut out the fabric.

I had a few mishaps with my sewing machine. The first one was a bent needle and when I replaced that one...the new one broke. I am so glad our instructor Sue told us to buy extra needles and to bring them, because after I replaced that second new needle...a few moments later that one broke. Sue helped me again and the reason for the breaking needles was my bobbin & the area that holds the bobbin in wasn't sitting correctly in my machine. So, after those ordeals I was in business. I fell behind the other girls with instruction and had to play catch-up.

Well, after some trying moments here is my finished bag.

We started on our PJ pants after we finished our totes. We learned how to read a pattern, how to cut it according to our measurements. Once I finish those I will post pictures when they are completed. It is so amazing the feeling of accomplishment when you make something...I know you can all agree with me on that :-)

Have a wonderful evening!!


  1. WOW...very pretty! It turned out so good! {SMILES}

  2. Love your tote..great colors!

  3. Wow. You did a great job! That looks SO awesome! And look at you, starting a new project right away! COOL! : )

  4. I agree! the tote came out nice.
    stopping by from Sits Saturday Sharefest

  5. Very cute! I love your fabrics!

    Happy SITS Sharefest!

  6. Very cute- and having it reversible will be more fun!

  7. Hi, I love your little bag, do you know I have had sewing machine for years, hardly used as I rubbish at sewing, I need lessons but I can't find the time or energy to do them. I would love to do patchwork using a sewing machine!

    Great job

    K x

  8. What a terrific how it is reversible and wonderful fabrics.


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