Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Been Pinned!!


Thank you Jan at Bobbypins Boardwalk for pinning me and not to mention her first. She pinned me at her Tripping along the Boardwalk blog and I thought it was so sweet of her thinking of me and writing such kind words. I treasure having her as one of my blog followers...well I like to say friend and I truly believe that you would too. Please stop by and get to know Jan.

Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

PJ Pants Revealed

Good Evening Ladies!! On Tuesday I completed my first pair of PJ pants. I had so much fun making them. It was so interesting learning how to read a pattern, pinning it to the fabric and cutting the fabric. Of course I had a little bit of fear in me because I didn't want to ruin the fabric or the pattern. If you haven't guessed by now...I am somewhat of a perfectionist. LOL

Everyone in class had such a good time that a lot of them have signed up for the next class. Sue said that our group was a lot of fun to interact with because we would laugh and chat while we worked.

E loved how they came out and he wants me to make him a pair.

BTW, I already have requests from my Mom and my Sister for tote bags.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Great Weekend

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend. E and I are having a wonderful long weekend. On Friday, we throughly enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies for the Vancover Olympics and we had a beautiful snowfall here in Southern GA.

We got 6 inches and since we are missing our Northern NY weather...for one day it made us feel like we were home. We took Holly out for a nice walk and playtime in the snow.

On Saturday we celebrated the 6 year anniversary of E proposing to me. It is such a special day for us and we always talk about that day and how he was so nervous. I had suggested we go out for dinner a day before Valentine's Day to avoid the crowds (which we didn't LOL). He secretly planned everything out with the restaurant beforehand and when he excused himself to leave the table...ladies he got down on BOTH knees. It was so loud in the restaurant and I heard ladies at the surrounding tables go "OMG he's proposing!!" I knew what he was doing, but, I couldn't hear the words. When I read his lips say "Will You Marry Me?" I immediately said "YES!!". After the shock wore off I asked E to write down on a piece of paper what he said. LOL I still have that paper and it was such a romantic and beautiful proposal. Yesterday, E brought me beautiful red roses to celebrate.

Also, we are celebrating our 3 year anniversay of having our amazing dog Holly. It has been an absolute joy having her in our lives. She gives us so much love and affection and she is such a great sister to Patch. He is an older little guy/kitty, but, has taking such a shine to her. Its so great to see them interact with one another.

Have a great evening!! Go USA!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beaded Bracelets

Unfortunately, today my sewing class was cancelled due to Sue my instructor being sick. It has been rescheduled for next week. Sue, please get well!!

I started doing beaded jewelery about two years ago. It is so relaxing and enjoyable. I started about getting a kit at Michaels. They are great for anyone starting out.

The kit came with:
•1 Bead Mat
•1 3-in-1 Beading Tool
•2 Tiger Tail 3 yard (2.74m) each
•1 yard (91cm) Silver Chain
•6 Lobster Clasps
•24 Crimps
•3 Pairs Fishhook Earrings
•2 Pairs Chandelier Earrings
•10 Head Pins
•30 Eye Pins
•New Wt 8 ounce (226.8g) Glass and Metal Beads
•Easy-To- Follow Instructions
•Reusable Vinyl Tote

Here are the bracelets I made with my kit.
I made a necklace, but, unfortunately lost it in Old Towne Alexandria, VA. It was in the same color scheme as above with a Fleur de Lis charm. I must have made it too small or it got caught on my hair. I was really bummed because I liked it so very much.

I did make my Mom a bracelet with my siblings and my name and birthstone colors. Unfortunately, the bracelet broke...I guess I should have told Mom not to shower with it. LOL So, I decided to restring it on elastic cord, re-used the same beads (they were gold alphabet beads and now they are two-toned gold and silver) and my lovely Mom was the hand model.

Here is how it came out.

I also made my MIL one last Christmas with E and his brother and sister's name and birthstone. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of hers. She absolutely loved it.

I have a few other projects in beading I will be starting up. I will post pictures when I am done.

Have a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First Reversible Tote Bag

I finished my tote bag today. I am so pleased with how it came out. We started out with a simple pattern and cut out the fabric.

I had a few mishaps with my sewing machine. The first one was a bent needle and when I replaced that one...the new one broke. I am so glad our instructor Sue told us to buy extra needles and to bring them, because after I replaced that second new needle...a few moments later that one broke. Sue helped me again and the reason for the breaking needles was my bobbin & the area that holds the bobbin in wasn't sitting correctly in my machine. So, after those ordeals I was in business. I fell behind the other girls with instruction and had to play catch-up.

Well, after some trying moments here is my finished bag.

We started on our PJ pants after we finished our totes. We learned how to read a pattern, how to cut it according to our measurements. Once I finish those I will post pictures when they are completed. It is so amazing the feeling of accomplishment when you make something...I know you can all agree with me on that :-)

Have a wonderful evening!!

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