Friday, February 19, 2010

PJ Pants Revealed

Good Evening Ladies!! On Tuesday I completed my first pair of PJ pants. I had so much fun making them. It was so interesting learning how to read a pattern, pinning it to the fabric and cutting the fabric. Of course I had a little bit of fear in me because I didn't want to ruin the fabric or the pattern. If you haven't guessed by now...I am somewhat of a perfectionist. LOL

Everyone in class had such a good time that a lot of them have signed up for the next class. Sue said that our group was a lot of fun to interact with because we would laugh and chat while we worked.

E loved how they came out and he wants me to make him a pair.

BTW, I already have requests from my Mom and my Sister for tote bags.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Good for you. Soon, you'll be just like on Project Runway, making your own patterns.

    I love to sew, but seldom (actually, never) do clothing. Seems like I can find clothing for almost or less than I can make it.

    I do, however, sew all my curtains, some of my duvet covers, my dust ruffles, lots of mending. It's a wonderful talent that you will use throughout your lifetime.

  2. These turned out great!....sounds like you had a lot of fun! {SMILES}

  3. These turned out very cute and look so comfy!

  4. Great PJ's. Really love the pattern and colour of the material.

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  6. Alisha, you know I enjoy your blog. If you would like to stop by, I've highlighted your blog. Basically, you've been "pinned" on Bobbypin's Boardwalk. Stop by at your convenience and pick up your bobbypin! Feel free to display it, if you would like (but give me a couple of hours because I haven't figured out the code yet, okay). Also -- Tell E that we appreciate him too!

  7. Hi Alisha

    Wow, these are fabulous. I have completed my first patchwork cushion (photo over on my blog), not the best patchwork and struggled a bit with the concealed zip, but thanks to some U tube videos I know what to do for next time. I also ordered myself a concealed zip foot for the sewing machine. My next project a cafe apron - I know, not very exciting but baby steps !

    K x

  8. Wow great job on the pj's they look wonderful ! it is such a great feeling when you make something and it turns out how you wanted ! thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog i just posted my first art quilt hope you get a moment to take a look ! i will definately be back to see what else your making ! good luck with the sewing

  9. Sew cute! Haha...I'm hilarious.

    Okay, they really are adorable. I am afraid of the sewing machine. I have sewn a few things with help and guidance, but I'm afraid to venture on my own...and I HATE cutting out and following patterns!

  10. Hi Alisha! These are just SEW adorable. They look super comfie too.
    You did a wonderful job. Can't wait to see the dress.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope the stamping tip helps you.
    All the best to you & your soldier boy!
    Take care.


  11. They look great. My first pair of PJ type pants ended up with sock pockets. It was so hard trying to keep straight where the top and bottom of the pants were--at least before sewing the crotch. Topology is not my strong point.


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