Thursday, March 25, 2010

This brought a smile to my face

Today I received this blog award from the very sweet, creative and innovative Sonia over at Archiving Angel.

This comes with a caveat that I share 10 things about myself and also share the blog award with 10 of my bloggy friends. Enjoy.

1- I went to a psychic party at my sister's house and was told that I would meet my soul mate. The details were that he would be in uniform and I would meet him by water. A year later, I met E in NYC and he is an Officer in the Army.
2- I used to have a radio show in college.
3- I love Big Band music and I secretly wish I could sing like Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney or Sarah Vaughn.
4- E taught my how to play Racquetball and I pretty much beat him every time now.
5- E taught me how to ski in one day and he says that rarely happens.
6- I am an avid Kayaker. E and I enjoy going out and we always have Holly in the middle of our tandem.

7- I climbed my first mountain on our honeymoon in the Adirondacks.
8- I am good at video games...Guitar Hero, NHL Hockey and Wii Bowling (and any 80's games).
9- My family used to own horses when I was growing up in Brooklyn and I miss it terribly.
10- E says I have freak strength. I once chest pressed 135# and I leg pressed 355#

Thank you Sonia for being so thoughtful and having such lovely words to say for me to receive such a nice award. I will post it with pride and hope that I continue to inspire.

Here are 10 lovely Blogs I am sharing this award with:

1-Jan from bobbypins boardwalk for her sweetness, kindness and great projects.
2-Maureen from Maureen Makes It! she is a sassy Texan, who loves and teaches sewing, painting, gardening and crafts.
3-Heather from Pixie Dust has a love for cross-stitching, cooking, crafting and DIYing.
4-Michelle from Socr8v for her amazing creativity with Fiber Arts, scrapbooking and sewing.
5-Kendall from Finesse Your Nest who moonlights as a decorator has an amazing eye for decorating, rehabbing her found treasures.
6-Misha at from my front porch in the mountains if you love animals this is the blog for you. She and J live on a beautiful farm in TN with horses, dogs, and cats. Mischa is a beautiful writer and I love visiting her blog.
7-Nikki at Bond Girl Creations a fellow Army Wife who loves her husband and children dearly. Her cards are so beautiful and always takes my breath when I see them.
8-Merry from MerryMade Cards and Crafts comes up with very creative ways to make cards and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
9-C at Project Pretty is a girl who loves to use power tools. She has amazing DIY tutorials from headboards, to ottomans, to pillows. I will definitely learn something new from her.
10-Terri from Sew Fantastic is always busy doing something creative. She now has her own Facebook page. She does amazing sewing, crafting and has great tutorials.

I wish I could list the many other blogs I follow that deserve awards and I promise the next one I receive I will list as many as I can. Some of you might know these beautiful blogs already and if you don't please stop by and say "Hi".

Thank you for all of your lovely comments and I am very appreciative of everyone who stops by. I always look forward to reading your blogs and always can't wait for the next post. I hope you enjoy your award.

All my best,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going to sew my first dress

On Tuesday, I started another sewing class called "Sew Much More". In this class we are building on what we learned in the previous course and further developing our skills in pattern-altering, layout, more advanced techniques such a s darts, zippers, facings, seam finishes and hems.

I chose the McCall's pattern #5672 that has this adorable dress for the Spring and Summer (dress is on the far right in photo).

E helped me pick out the pattern because he loves dresses on me (he is so sweet), he also helped with the fabric and the buttons. We always have such a good time together when we go shopping for my projects. I love how he takes such an interest in what I love doing. I love supporting his many hobbies too. He is an amazing musician, artist, painter, woodcarver/furniture maker and an excellent handyman.

I will be posting a tutorial of how I made this dress with photos once I complete it. I pinned the pattern onto the fabric and just completed cutting it out.

Tomorrow, I am taking an additional sewing class called "Sewing Like a Pro" where we choose our own skill level and pace and try a more individual approach to design. We will learn to express ourselves creatively while becoming more efficient in advanced sewing skills and techiques. I will continue working on the pattern I am working on now and if I complete it before the classes are over I will be starting another pattern.

Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful evening.

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