Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hello Everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day!! Yesterday, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary of E proposing to me. It is such a special day for us. We always talk about that day and how he was so nervous. I had suggested we go out for dinner a day before Valentine's Day to avoid the crowds (which we didn't LOL). He secretly planned everything out with the restaurant beforehand and when he excused himself to leave the table...ladies he got down on BOTH knees. It was so loud in the restaurant and I heard ladies at the surrounding tables go "OMG he's proposing!!" I knew what he was doing, but, I couldn't hear what he wa saying. When I read his lips say "Will You Marry Me?" I immediately said "YES!!". After the shock wore off I asked E to write down on a piece of paper what he said (I still have that piece of paper). 

Also, yesterday we celebrated our 7 year anniversary of having our amazing dog Holly. It has been an absolute joy having her in our lives. She gives us so much love and affection.

Have a wonderful day!! Keep your eye out for cupid.

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