Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Great Weekend

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend. E and I are having a wonderful long weekend. On Friday, we throughly enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies for the Vancover Olympics and we had a beautiful snowfall here in Southern GA.

We got 6 inches and since we are missing our Northern NY weather...for one day it made us feel like we were home. We took Holly out for a nice walk and playtime in the snow.

On Saturday we celebrated the 6 year anniversary of E proposing to me. It is such a special day for us and we always talk about that day and how he was so nervous. I had suggested we go out for dinner a day before Valentine's Day to avoid the crowds (which we didn't LOL). He secretly planned everything out with the restaurant beforehand and when he excused himself to leave the table...ladies he got down on BOTH knees. It was so loud in the restaurant and I heard ladies at the surrounding tables go "OMG he's proposing!!" I knew what he was doing, but, I couldn't hear the words. When I read his lips say "Will You Marry Me?" I immediately said "YES!!". After the shock wore off I asked E to write down on a piece of paper what he said. LOL I still have that paper and it was such a romantic and beautiful proposal. Yesterday, E brought me beautiful red roses to celebrate.

Also, we are celebrating our 3 year anniversay of having our amazing dog Holly. It has been an absolute joy having her in our lives. She gives us so much love and affection and she is such a great sister to Patch. He is an older little guy/kitty, but, has taking such a shine to her. Its so great to see them interact with one another.

Have a great evening!! Go USA!!!


  1. thank you for stopping by my blog...good to see a blogger from there any way to find more crafty bloggers in, do they categorise blogs....

    looking forward to see your sewing finishes...

  2. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great week!!!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful story! I love it :) I hope you two had a romantic weekend together!

    And, yes, Go USA!
    xo, misha

  4. Popped in from SITS! I hope you had a great V-day!

  5. Happy anniversary! That is cute that he was so scared! As a side note, I just got a Cricut Expression yesterday! I opened it but am scared too use it. I thought it just did "it" when you selected what you wanted. I wasn't aware so much went into it and I am scared to cut my mat! I am dying to do vinyl!
    Stopping by from SITS to say Hi to mt SITSer!

  6. What a wonderful, romantic story!

  7. (Belated!) Congratulations on your anniversary, such a romantic proposal and memory, and it's nice to see you both still treasure it.


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