My WIP List

Here is a list of projects that I either have started, want to start, and especially want to finish. These poor projects have been on never-ending lists and are now going to be out in blog land and will now have to be accomplished. Enough said...I am being held accountable LOL.

Sewing - Clothing
Wool Jacket - Make button holes and sew on buttonsFinished (Posted)
Quilted Jacket - Finish cuffs and hem - Finished (Posted)
Lounge pants for E - Finished (Posted)
NY Yankee Lounge pants for E - Finished (Posted)
Button down shirt #1 for E (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Button down shirt #2 for E (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Red Dress - Add hook - Finished (Posted)
Yellow Dress - Alter
Lounge Pants - Finished (Posted)
Summer Dresses
Vintage Dresses
Workout Clothes

Sewing - Home
Pillows - Summer Pillows - Finished (Posted)
Curtains in Dining Room for Germany (2014) - Fabric Purchased - Finished (Posted)
Curtains in Living Room for Germany (2014) - Fabric Purchased - Finished (Posted)
Tablecloths - nothing planned yet, but, soon (2015)
Pillows - nothing planned yet, but, soon  (2015)

Sewing - Misellaneous
Neck Pillows for trip to Germany (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Halloween Costume for E (2015)- Pattern/Fabric Purchased
Halloween Costume for me (2015) - Pattern Purchased
Halloween Costume for me (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Tweed Amp Dust Cover for E's Amp (2012)- Pattern and amp pieces cut - Finished (Posted)
Vinyl Amp Cover for E's Amp (2012) (Pattern and pieces already cut out) - Finished (Posted)
Another Amp Dust Cover for E (2013) -Finished (Posted)
Another Amp Dust Cover for E (2014)
Amp Dust Cover for my stepson K
Flag Garland - Gift for Sue (2011) - Finished (Posted)
Naptime Blanket (Gift for nephew "M") (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Naptime Blanket (Gift for nephew "G") (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Purse Inserts (small and large) - Pattern/Fabric Purchased
Car Organizer - Pattern/Fabric/Notions Purchased

Test Patterns for Bags (2013-2014):
Rockstar Bag (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Edelweiss Backpack (2014)Finished (Posted)
Lapin Noir (2013)Finished (Posted)
Aragon (2013)Finished (Posted)
Peas and Carrots Lunch Bag (2013)Finished (Posted)

Sewing - Pets
Coat for Holly (red fleece with black paw prints) (2013) - Finished (Posted)
Coat for Holly (woodland with reindeers) (2013) - Finished (Posted)
Coat for Tracy (Fur Niece) - Finished (Posted)
Coat for Holly (red with white polka dots) (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Fix toys with more durable fabric for Holly
Make dog bed for Holly
Make travel bag for Holly

Embroider names on rag blankets for nephews - Finished (Posted)
Embroider names on aprons (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Embroider Holly's name on travel bag
Learn how to digitize (2014) - Finished (Posted)

Embroidery Test Patterns:
Flower and Owl (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Patriotic Fourth of July Owls (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Summer Owls (2014) - Finished (Posted)

"Sewing with Sue" letters on flag garland (gift) - Finished (Posted)

Sewing - Recycling
ACU Tote Bag - Using E's old uniforms and making them into tote bags and other matching accessories - In Progress
Recycled Jean Skirts - Using old Jean's and making them into skirts and purses - In Progress

Toque/Hat for E (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Scarf (matching for Toque/Hat) for E (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Eyelash Scarf for me (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Cabled sweater for me (2014) - In Progress
Toque/Hat for stepson K - In Progress
Sweater for E (2014) - Pattern/Skeins/Buttons Purchased, In Progress
Fun Fur Boa Scarfs

Learn how to crochet

Make another fall centerpiece - Finished
Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts/Decorations
Winter, Christmas and New Year's Crafts/Decorations and gifts:
  -Working on test pattern for cute snowman - In Progress
Spring and Easter Crafts
Summer, Memorial Day and July 4th Crafts

Christmas Cards - Finished (Posted)
Hanukkah Cards - Finished (Posted)
Anniversary Card - Finished (Posted)
Birthday Card - Finished (Posted)


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