My WIP List

Here is a list of projects that I either have started, want to start, and especially want to finish. These poor projects have been on never-ending lists and are now going to be out in blog land and will now have to be accomplished. Enough said...I am being held accountable LOL.

Sewing - Clothing
Finish E's Button Shirt
Yellow Dress - Alter
Summer Dresses

Vintage Dresses

Clothes for our nephew George
Clothes for our nephew Matthew
Clothes for our niece Fianna
Clothes for our nephew Castle

Wool Jacket - Make button holes and sew on buttonsFinished (Posted)
Quilted Jacket - Finish cuffs and hem - Finished (Posted)
Lounge pants for E - Finished (Posted)
NY Yankee Lounge pants for E - Finished (Posted)
Button down shirt #1 for E (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Button down shirt #2 for E (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Red Dress - Add hook - Finished (Posted)
Lounge Pants - Finished (Posted)

Sewing - Home
Tablecloths - nothing planned yet, but, soon (2015)
Pillows - nothing planned yet, but, soon  (2015)

Pillows - Summer Pillows - Finished (Posted)
Curtains in Dining Room for Germany (2014) - Fabric Purchased - Finished (Posted)
Curtains in Living Room for Germany (2014) - Fabric Purchased - Finished (Posted)

Sewing - Misellaneous
Halloween Costume for E (2015)- Pattern/Fabric Purchased
Halloween Costume for me (2015) - Pattern Purchased
Purse Inserts (small and large) - Pattern/Fabric Purchased
Car Organizer - Pattern/Fabric/Notions Purchased
Another Amp Dust Cover for E (2014)

Neck Pillows for trip to Germany (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Halloween Costume for me (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Tweed Amp Dust Cover for E's Amp (2012)- Pattern and amp pieces cut - Finished (Posted)
Vinyl Amp Cover for E's Amp (2012) (Pattern and pieces already cut out) - Finished (Posted)
Another Amp Dust Cover for E (2013) -Finished (Posted)
Flag Garland - Gift for Sue (2011) - Finished (Posted)
Naptime Blanket (Gift for nephew "M") (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Naptime Blanket (Gift for nephew "G") (2012) - Finished (Posted)

Test Patterns for Bags (2013-2014):

Rockstar Bag (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Edelweiss Backpack (2014)Finished (Posted)
Lapin Noir (2013)Finished (Posted)
Aragon (2013)Finished (Posted)
Peas and Carrots Lunch Bag (2013)Finished (Posted)

Sewing - Pets
Make travel bag for Holly
Coat for Holly
Coat for fur niece Emma
Fix toys with more durable fabric for Holly
Make dog bed for Holly

Coat for Holly (red fleece with black paw prints) (2013) - Finished (Posted)
Coat for Holly (woodland with reindeers) (2013) - Finished (Posted)
Coat for Tracy (Fur Niece) - Finished (Posted)
Coat for Holly (red with white polka dots) (2014) - Finished (Posted)


Embroider names on rag blankets for nephews - Finished (Posted)
Embroider names on aprons (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Embroider Holly's name on travel bag
Learn how to digitize (2014) - Finished (Posted)

Embroidery Test Patterns:
Flower and Owl (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Patriotic Fourth of July Owls (2014) - Finished (Posted)
Summer Owls (2014) - Finished (Posted)

"Sewing with Sue" letters on flag garland (gift) - Finished (Posted)

Sewing - Recycling
ACU Tote Bag - Using E's old uniforms and making them into tote bags and other matching accessories - In Progress
Recycled Jean Skirts - Using old Jean's and making them into skirts and purses - In Progress

Cabled sweater for me (2014) - In Progress
Toque/Hat for stepson K - In Progress
Sweater for E (2014) - Pattern/Skeins/Buttons Purchased, In Progress
Fun Fur Boa Scarfs

Toque/Hat for E (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Scarf (matching for Toque/Hat) for E (2012) - Finished (Posted)
Eyelash Scarf for me (2012) - Finished (Posted)

Learn how to crochet

Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts/Decorations
Winter, Christmas and New Year's Crafts/Decorations and gifts:
Spring and Easter Crafts
Summer, Memorial Day and July 4th Crafts

Make another fall centerpiece - Finished
Working on test pattern for cute snowman - Finished

Better Life Blog Projects:
March: "Enjoy the Journey" - Finished (Posted)
April: "New York Thousand Island State of Mind" - Finished (Posted)

Christmas Cards - Finished (Posted)
Hanukkah Cards - Finished (Posted)
Anniversary Card - Finished (Posted)
Birthday Card - Finished (Posted)


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