Monday, November 9, 2009

Sewing Class Update

Well, I was getting all excited about my sewing class starting tomorrow and I get a phone call today stating that the session for this month is cancelled due to low enrollment. I was so disappointed, for obvious reasons. The good thing is that they rescheduled it for this coming January.

I am feeling confident about using my sewing machine, but, I am making some presents for the holidays and of course I want them to be perfect. E says that he has all the confidence in me that they will come out perfect and my family will love them because they are homemade.

Well, here is another twist...E got me a new present...

wait for it...

E got me this beautiful Singer Professional 2010 Sewing Machine. He is so good to me and this is why I spoil him too. He said "I want you to enjoy making your gifts on a really good machine, that has more functions and gives you the ability to do embroidery."

Now, I already have a sewing machine that E got me last year for Christmas. The Euro-Pro X and I think this machine works beautifully too. E said "you can take the Euro-Pro X to and from your sewing class and the Singer can be the one used at home for your projects."

Well, since I will have free time I will be starting on one of my gifts for my MIL. I will post pics when I'm done. A few other gifts I plan on making will be curtains, pillows and maybe a blanket. Wish me luck!! Have a great evening!!


  1. Wow -- that is SO sweet!!! TWO sewing machines? Do you like one better than the other? I'm sure that a new machine adds to the enjoyment of sewing!

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  2. Good luck on your class

    I would really appreciate if you visit my site and consider becoming a follower.

  3. Jan, My husband is very sweet. I am going to fiddle around with the new one tomorrow. I will post a post (LOL) to let you know how it goes. Thanks :-)

  4. flashingfashionx, thanks for your post and I became a follower and would like you to consider becoming a follower of my blog :-)

  5. Cool sewing machine--ooh, embroidery!! I'll be interested to see what you make :-) Will you be using it on cards too or just for real sewing projects, like pillows/tablecloths etc.?

  6. @Happycrafter - Thank you. Yes, I will be using it on cards and real sewing projects. I will be making gifts for my family for the holidays. After the holidays I will be making amp covers for my husband and stuff for the house (curtains, pillows, etc.).

  7. Hi Alisha! Thanks for coming by my blog and joining in on the discussion there. I have been responding to comments in my blog post but it appears that no one comes back to see that! I'm going to change to visiting their blogs or emails.

    Enjoy your sewing machines!

  8. @Kathy, I guess its a double edge sword. I hope they come up with a way that its easier to respond to a thread (kind of like a forum situation) where you are notified there are more comments and responses to that blog topic. I will continue to visit your blog. Looking forward to it. Have a great day!


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