Monday, November 2, 2009

A piece of history

I love anything antique--especially radios, cameras and phones. I guess because I have my college degree in Broadcasting and Communications. While getting my degree, I took a class on Sunday mornings (ouch!) and it was worth getting up early every week. We would listen to old radio programs and how they always possessed that special sound. The sound that you hear in the throwback tv shows or movies like in "A Christmas Story" I always wanted to experience that. To be able to sit next to a large piece of furniture and listen...I mean really listen. Don't get me wrong...I love my iPod and the convenience of it. Trust me, I find technology fascinating and how it changes everyday to make our lives easier. But, there is just something really special about the two pieces we picked up.

Well, E and I found a place that sells these radios and we are so excited to have these two pieces of history in our home.

1936 Antique Arvin Tube Radio Model 518 Phantom Baby
Old 1936 Zenith Wood Tube Radio Floor Model 8 S 154

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