Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unfortunately...things don't work out

Hello Everyone,

I am going to keep this short and sweet. Unfortunately, we had to surrender Lily to PAWS Humane Society yesterday. She was a very sweet and loving dog, but, she was constantly nipping and coming after Holly. We also noticed at times she would show her aggression towards E and myself. We believe that Lily didn't have her mother or father around to teach her right from wrong. We asked the vet at Auburn if this was possible and they agreed. Thankfully, PAWS has foster parents that help with behavioral issues and I know that Lily will find a wonderful home. This was such a hard decision for E and I. We did fall in love with her and wanted to make her part of our family, but, it just wasn't meant to be.

The main reason this all came to past was that Holly has an injured knee that we are trying to mend so she doesn't need surgery and we need to take care of her. On Monday, we took Holly to the vet at Auburn University to have her knee checked out. We were so relieved to here that at the moment she doesn't need surgery. She had pulled her ACL either in the house or out in the backyard. We think because of the the finish on the wood floors here and the major contributor was the Blue Buffalo dog food. The story behind that goes...E ran out to Petsmart to pick up Holly's food about 6 months ago. We always use Eukanuba Lab, but, there was a recall. A Blue Buffalo rep approached him and told him how great the food was and how healthy it was. Well, in two weeks time Holly packed on over 20 pounds. This is what caused the pull in her knee. Our vet put Holly on diet dog food and we got her down to a very healthy weight. She is now 68 pounds and the Auburn vet would like her to be at 64 pounds. We learned that Blue Buffalo is a very high protein food and should be given to very active dogs (ie. Military and K9 working dogs). Especially, with this Georgia heat Holly is not that active and we would never subject her to the water with the alligators in it.

We do miss Lily's sweet face and big heart, the way she would run around the house, how angelic she looked while she slept either on my lap or in my arms, and how she loved the way E rubbed her ears. E and I are having such a hard time with this and we miss her.


  1. Oh what a shame but good to hear that she will be getting help with her behaviour. We sadly had a young dog when our kids were very young. 4 and 2. Things started out okay but she the dog was just too active for us and the yard way too small. So sadly we had to find a new home for her. I hope Holly's knee keeps improving without surgery. We now have a lovely dog called Scruff, perfect for us.

  2. Sorry things didn't work out with the dog :( I came across your blog and I think it's so cute! We are stationed at Fort Benning as well. It's always fun to find other army wife bloggers :)

  3. Hey - I miss seeing you in class. I'm sorry to hear about your Lilly. I hope you guys are feeling a little better. I'm in my final class towards the certificate, but hopefully will see you in some extras I may take in the fall.


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