Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sewing Class Today

I had my first sewing class today and I had such a great time. My instructor Sue is absolutely wonderful. I got there early so I can meet her and discuss the process about receiving my sewing certificate. She answered all my questions and gave me some direction in the core courses and electives I should take. We then had an orientation where we all introduced ourselves and told her and the class what we wanted to experience from this course. She taught us how to take measurements, which of course made us all giggle because you may want to know your measurements, but, you don't want 12 other women knowing what size you are LOL. We also learned how to read a pattern package and I had no idea that patterns and sizes do no coincide with one another.

We will be making a tote bag and pajama pants this session. I have been wanting to make a tote bag for a very long time and you can't go wrong with another pair of pajama pants.

We then went to Joann's and learned about all the different fabrics, threads, and what materials we will need to bring to class every week. I also learned that you should replace your sewing machine needles after every two projects. I had no idea that needles should be changed that often.

I can't wait for E to come home so I can tell him every detail. I could only give him a brief summary since he was at work...but he loved hearing the excitement in my voice. I think I can convince him to come to Joann's with me after he gets home from work to pick out fabrics for my tote.

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Oh, that sounds so fun - Good luck with the class! And thanks for the tip - I had no idea sewing machine needles should be replaced so often either...

  2. This sounds like a very detailed course. Can't wait to here more as I have never heard that before about changing your needles so often.

  3. I would love to take a sewing class! I wish we were in one together :) I got a sewing machine last year and have avoided it at all costs.
    Maybe by reading about your classes etc. I get brave and forge ahead!
    Please keep us posted on your projects!!
    xo, misha

  4. Wow- that sounds like a great class! Since I'm mainly a self-taught sewer, I have no idea how to read patterns- and changing the needle that often?! Holy cow- who knew? Your instructor would probably cringe at how long my needle has been used- on PAPER no less! Ha!
    Here's a link to a totally YUMMY fabric blog:

    You may already know all about it- or maybe she's not your style- but there are fun pincushion patterns & TOTES, etc!
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh my gosh, are you in the morning or evening class? I am in the evening class...Jen Pierce! I am also a mil spouse! Looking forward to see all of your crafty things! LOVE MY CRICUT!!!!! BEST INVENTION IN THE WORLD!

  6. Hi Alisha~ it is great that you are taking a class although by the pillows you made I did not know you needed one.
    Haha...have fun & don't forget to show us your creations.
    I will be tuning in. I wish I could go to a sewing class too. It has been a while since I have used one.


  7. YAY for you!!! I always love to hear of people taking sewing classes and firing up a sewing machine :) Welcome to the club!

  8. Hi Alisha, I am new to your blog. I see that your husband is in the Army. Thank you for your family service. We have a thick thread of relatives woven in our family history that served too. I see his service has taken you far from home and loved ones. What a sacrifice. I was an Air Force Brat! We traveled the world. It was a wonderful life!

    How exciting to start on a new endeavor! I sew a little myself and it is so much fun to pick out fabric. To see the possibilities! Please post about your projects. Fabric gets very addictive!

    I am a new follower! Have a great weekend!


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