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Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party #56 and Giveaway!!

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These paper flowers, as well as sculpted blooms, were what my Etsy shop was made of. I love making them, especially for special days like weddings, but I just couldn't keep up with demand. Now I only make special order bouquets, boutonnieres and gifts.

Hey guys who is ready for another easy fabulous Valentine’s recipe for the last week of our Valentine’s Series?
At this time in my life Valentine’s is a little different, instead of a romantic candle lit dinner for two, we now have a dinner for three with heart shaped pizza and little Valentine’s sealed with lego stickers. We don’t mind it one bit, I still get my get chocolates and roses so I’m happy lol!

Crafting is a favorite family activity in our house. Boys, girls, kids, adults…crafting is fun for everyone! One of the crafts that our whole family has been enjoying recently is handprint crafts.They are easy, fun, and inexpensive. There are so many different ways to do handprint crafts that boys will love. This collection includes an alligator, a pirate, a lobster, an elephant, a duck, a chicken, leaves, a lion, an octopus, a monkey, a whale, a dinosaur, a penguin, fire fighters, and Frankenstein!

We spend hundreds of dollars a year on special lotions and creams to make our skin look and feel better, but how about making something at home for a fraction of the cost that is even better for you? This Easy Homemade Body Butter is a great way to quench your thirsty skin as well as an excellent gift item to give for Mother’s Day, Teachers Appreciation Gifts or just because!

Have you seen those nifty mason jar soap dispensers in gift shops and boutiques? It’s true you can buy your own, but the cost of one may not be in your budget. The good news is, you can make your own mason jar soap dispenser in less than 30 minutes and for 1/4 of the cost. Here is how you can get started making your own mason jar soap dispenser, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

I made these pot pies for a special occasion dinner party, and they were a hit with kids and adults alike. Hot-out-of-the-oven little pies, filled with hearty, savory filling and surrounded by crisp, flaky crust...what could be better on a cold evening? The individual crusts take a few extra minutes to prepare, but the results are worth it. 

Grow Your Own Bean Sprouts in Just a Few Days-SweepTight

Bean sprouts, and sprouts of all varieties are packed full of wonderful nutrients. But, when you get them at the store, they can be kind of pricey and don’t last more than a few days. I am so excited to tell you, that you can grow them yourself in just a few days and then they last for up to two weeks! I am including affiliate links to the products I use, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

How to Sew a Ruffle pillow with Ruffle Fabric-A Vision to Remember

I have had a couple requests lately to make some ruffle pillows. The one pictured above is a standard size pillow sham. I used 1 inch ruffle fabric.

If you are like me and love to bake...then having everything you need at arm's reach is the way to go. Baking tins, muffin pans, graters, measuring cups, bowls of different sizes and a array of different utensils, can be tricky to store and especially, to find. 
If you have a second drawer like mine then searching for that little lemon zester can be a pain, especially when it always underneath everything else.
So I decided to get organised (DIY on a budget) and put all my baking needs in one spot.I had an old Ikea Expedit bookcase that was collecting dust and wasn't really being put to good use. 

This is a topic that I have avoided talking about sense day 1 of my blog. Actually even in my “real” life. Only my very close friends and family and I have discussed my battle with postpartum depression, and even then I haven’t really talked about it much. Its something that didn’t necessarily take a long time for me to get over, but its something that really effected my relationship with Harper for that first few months of her life. I also want to preface this with saying that I never once had any thoughts of hurting Harper in any way. I knew I loved her and wanted to protect her, but I also didn’t know why I couldn’t/ wouldn’t bond with her. That is how the postpartum depression affected me and that is what I had to overcome.

Makeup Monday - Discontinued Makeup-Julie's Lifestyle

Well that is what happened to me last fall when I discovered this lipstick on the left called Nude Delight 642 by RIMMEL! This lipstick was recommended by one of my Instagram buddies when she showed a photo of it and I loved it so much I had to buy it. I fell in love with this lipstick and thought it looked great on me. When I was almost finished and you can tell by the photo on the left, I went searching at so many stores for this same color and could not find it.

From the time I awoke that morning, I knew my focus was off. The ‘Liar’s Committee’ in my head was reminding me of past hurts, little perceived snubs, the mundane routine, fewer dates, that particular warmth that was missing, and it overwhelmed anything good that was out there. I had doubts about my salvation (how could I really feel these things if I loved Jesus?), doubts about my marriage relationship, doubts about my parenting, missing my mother…doubts, doubts, doubts.

I love jalapenos, and I am constantly pushing them on my friends. So many people are scared to try these delicious little peppers because of their ( well deserved) reputation. The thing is, its the seeds that hold most of the heat, and if you prepare them right, jalapenos can be downright mild.

Just don’t eat a seed, even on a dare.

Spring is just around the corner, but we still have quite a few cold and damp days left. The kind of days where you want a nice bowl of soup and this cheeseburger soup is a perfect hearty comfort food that will warm you to your toes.
This soup really only takes a few minutes to throw together and only about 20 minutes to cook once it is boiling. It’s really a very easy quick soup recipe as long as you already have all the ingredients on hand!

Materials: Canvas, Straw, liquid watercolor or really watered down paint (watercolor, tempera or acrylic), Glue, cotton balls or pom poms, and gems or gold paint. 

Weekends at our house are filled with athletic activities. If it isn’t an all-day volleyball tournament, we love to hike and ski, and I’ve even been persuaded to do a few mountain biking excursions.
These energy balls provide both quick energy from the carbs and sustaining energy from the protein.
Might I add – they taste a heck of a lot better than anything you buy at the store!

If you are looking for a simple and delicious Valentine’s dessert recipe that looks like you put a lot of effort into it these mini chocolate lava cakes are just what you want.

We are getting ready to hit the road on another trip, and I’m facing the dilemma of keeping the kids occupied without having to tow a trailer of all their “stuff” with us. One of the things I know will keep my girls occupied for hours is coloring. They can color all day long, however, I do not have the best track record of traveling with crayons. Either they end up broken at the bottom of my purse, or I end up toting a large plastic container of some kind, yes, the crayons are safe and intact but I look like a crazy person pulling a gallon sized container out of my purse at a restaurant.

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