Friday, October 28, 2011

Photography and Photoshop Classes

I have been a busy girl lately. I have been taking photography classes at the local college. I wanted to better understand my camera and take better pictures. In class we learned about the "Holy Trinity" (ISO, Shutter and f.stop), composition, Rule of Thirds, Golden Mean, etc. I definitely noticed a difference in my pictures from one week to the next. I will keep you posted on my upcoming classes and what I've learned.

Here are some examples of photos that I took about a month ago:

The beginning of October we had an outdoor photo shoot. It was very cloudy out and started to drizzle, but, when you learn how to operate your camera with the manual settings it makes a world of difference. Don't get me wrong, I love the auto settings on my camera and have appreciated the beautiful shots they have given me. I just know that I will be able to do more with all of the new found knowledge I now have.

I am really enjoying the Adobe Photoshop class that I'm currently taking. I am learning so many different things within the software for the editing process. There is so much to learn, but, with a lot of practice and patience I'm sure my pictures will have an amazing end result. E, thank you for being so supportive of my hobbies and interests!!!  I love you!!

Have a great day!!


  1. What amazing photos you have taken. I like them all. I have just learnt what ISO means as hubby is looking at buying a camera and he just discovered the meaning. Maybe I should book him for a course.

  2. Wow its awesome that you are taking these classes. In addition to other things, it will definitely be an asset to your blog! I would LOVE to know how to take better pictures. I make my way around Photoshop alright, but would love to take a class. I currently have such a junky automatic camera that there is NO way to adjust anything. Good luck with your classes!!

  3. These are really nice! It looks like you learned a lot in class!

  4. I am a new follower - brought in by your 'lab-coat' post and then realized I too am taking photo classes and learning Photoshop. Glad to have found you!


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