Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend so far. Yesterday, E and I went antiquing and we had the greatest time. I have always had a passion for vintage Americana. I always wonder what home it had and the memories behind each piece. Here are some of our cute finds.

We found a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera in the box from the mid 1950's. I love these vintage cameras.

We also came across a Milk Can. I grew up with one as a decorative piece in my parents home and always had a soft spot for them. I loved how this one was painted blue. Do you all think I should leave it blue or try to bring it back to its original charm??

I also love Depression Glass and E found this adorable juicer.

I saw this and said it this has E written all over it. It just needs a little cleaning and it will be perfect right near his workbench as a decorative piece. I love the color of it, the handles and the picture of Handy Andy.

Then last, but, not least...I saw these wooden spools and fell in love.

UPDATE ON THE DRESS:  I know you are all wanting to see the dress, but, unfortunately it is not finished. I have the button holes made, but, I'm not sure if I have them exactly where I want them. I will try again later or tomorrow. If not, I have a Alterations class on Monday and will have my instructor Sue help me out. I figured once I get this done and I know I am doing it right, it won't take me this long next time.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Really like your new header and such a fun trip through these photos of antiques. Love that Handy Andy toolbox. Thanks so much for sharing. P.S. I would probably take the milk can back to it's original charm.

  2. I love everything! I think I would paint the milk can white...if it was mine :)
    J has a HUGE camera collection. I should post it sometime.

    Where did you go? I think I told you that I lived in that area for a while. There are a ton of cool antique shops in Americus, Montezuma, and Plains. Also in Andersonville, in the little town right across from where you would turn to go into the huge cemetary.
    Plan a day trip; you won't be disappointed!

    I cannot wait to see the dress!!!
    xo, misha

  3. What gorgeous finds and I love the juicer! I also recently found a brownie camera and got it for $5 but it didn't have a box or the flash.

  4. What amazing finds! I like the milk can blue but it would look good no matter what you decided.

  5. How fun to go antiquing and actually find things you love! It's the thrill of the hunt the best?

  6. oooh, cool stuff!!! Where did you go?? That flea market I went to is the Lee County flea market. I can email you directions if you want. I'm taking the Sewing Like A Pro class right now...nighttime cause only 2 of us signed up for the morning one. I'm planning on taking the May one, too. Hope to see you in another class!!

  7. lovely treasures! love antiques! ;)
    Stopping by from sits!


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