Thursday, March 25, 2010

This brought a smile to my face

Today I received this blog award from the very sweet, creative and innovative Sonia over at Archiving Angel.

This comes with a caveat that I share 10 things about myself and also share the blog award with 10 of my bloggy friends. Enjoy.

1- I went to a psychic party at my sister's house and was told that I would meet my soul mate. The details were that he would be in uniform and I would meet him by water. A year later, I met E in NYC and he is an Officer in the Army.
2- I used to have a radio show in college.
3- I love Big Band music and I secretly wish I could sing like Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney or Sarah Vaughn.
4- E taught my how to play Racquetball and I pretty much beat him every time now.
5- E taught me how to ski in one day and he says that rarely happens.
6- I am an avid Kayaker. E and I enjoy going out and we always have Holly in the middle of our tandem.

7- I climbed my first mountain on our honeymoon in the Adirondacks.
8- I am good at video games...Guitar Hero, NHL Hockey and Wii Bowling (and any 80's games).
9- My family used to own horses when I was growing up in Brooklyn and I miss it terribly.
10- E says I have freak strength. I once chest pressed 135# and I leg pressed 355#

Thank you Sonia for being so thoughtful and having such lovely words to say for me to receive such a nice award. I will post it with pride and hope that I continue to inspire.

Here are 10 lovely Blogs I am sharing this award with:

1-Jan from bobbypins boardwalk for her sweetness, kindness and great projects.
2-Maureen from Maureen Makes It! she is a sassy Texan, who loves and teaches sewing, painting, gardening and crafts.
3-Heather from Pixie Dust has a love for cross-stitching, cooking, crafting and DIYing.
4-Michelle from Socr8v for her amazing creativity with Fiber Arts, scrapbooking and sewing.
5-Kendall from Finesse Your Nest who moonlights as a decorator has an amazing eye for decorating, rehabbing her found treasures.
6-Misha at from my front porch in the mountains if you love animals this is the blog for you. She and J live on a beautiful farm in TN with horses, dogs, and cats. Mischa is a beautiful writer and I love visiting her blog.
7-Nikki at Bond Girl Creations a fellow Army Wife who loves her husband and children dearly. Her cards are so beautiful and always takes my breath when I see them.
8-Merry from MerryMade Cards and Crafts comes up with very creative ways to make cards and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
9-C at Project Pretty is a girl who loves to use power tools. She has amazing DIY tutorials from headboards, to ottomans, to pillows. I will definitely learn something new from her.
10-Terri from Sew Fantastic is always busy doing something creative. She now has her own Facebook page. She does amazing sewing, crafting and has great tutorials.

I wish I could list the many other blogs I follow that deserve awards and I promise the next one I receive I will list as many as I can. Some of you might know these beautiful blogs already and if you don't please stop by and say "Hi".

Thank you for all of your lovely comments and I am very appreciative of everyone who stops by. I always look forward to reading your blogs and always can't wait for the next post. I hope you enjoy your award.

All my best,


  1. Thanks so much for the award, girl! :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so very much! You made my day :)
    I will get to the assignment in the next week. I am covered up with all the spring projects that come about every year as as the weather breaks..uh.
    I love your new background. How is the sewing going? Of course my machine is still in the box and will prob be there until next winter!!
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hi Alisa~ You're welcome-you are deserving of this award & I was so happy to pass it on.
    I loved your 10 things. Makes my life seem boring though! You are so talented, strong, and well rounded.

  4. Hey Alisha!!! Stopping by to say hi :) Can't wait to see how your dress turns out. I'm planning on taking both of the Sewing Like a Pro classes in April & May so hopefully we'll see each other again in another sewing class! I'm also going to take that Knit class once she gets a date set.

  5. Thanks so much Alisha for thinking me. I really enjoyed reading your list of ten things. You sound like a very active person and happy person. What a way to spend your honeymoon. :-)

  6. Thank you Alisha! That was so nice of you. I enjoyed learning 10 new things about you, also. I also agree with you about there just being so many great blogs out there. I love connecting with people through them and I also love seeing how crafty and creative everyone is. It's nice to find people with whom we share our passion.

  7. thank you so much! this is my first award and I am very honored!

  8. Thankyou so much for thinking of me it made me so happy to see the post this morning ! what a lovely way to start my day !!

  9. Very cool about the psychic story!

    Welcome to SITS. We're happy to have you.

  10. That's a great list - very interesting. I'm following to learn more :) My husband taught me to ski, too, I got down blue runs on day 1, red on day 4, and (with a lot of falling) a black on day 6. And I loved it!

    Visiting from SITS to welcome you to our community :)

  11. Another crafty Army wife - love it!! So great to meet you! I'm also from NY and yeah, no place is quite like it, huh??

    And welcome to the SITS Community! So glad to have you!!

  12. you are just too cute!

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! it really meant a lot to me!

  13. How fun.... I love reading random facts about people. I see you like From my Front too! Misha is amazing!

    Here from the SITS "Welcome Wagon". Thanks for joining our SITSerhood. I'm hosting two giveaways and I'm personally inviting you to come on over when you have a few minute. Click "giveaways on the top...

  14. Hello! I'm stopping by from SITS to welcome you to the SITSahood :) Dorky, I know.

    Anyway, you sound like a very active woman...Good for you for staying so busy!

  15. I love these "get to know you posts"... and did i catch in there that you used to have a radio show? I think that deserves more detail lol. thanks for visiting on my sits day!!

  16. How fun! I loved reading about you :) That's interesting about the psychic!

  17. Congrats on your blog award. Totally well deserved! :)

  18. Hey girl, where are you hiding? I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog header. I hope all's well. Our Yanks are off to a great start.

  19. Congrats on the award! Your blog is lovely!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


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