Saturday, October 24, 2009


Its been an interesting week here. E's torn hamstring is still healing and last night he was rearranging our basement and thinks he did some serious damage to his rotator cuff. So, he will be going to sick call on Monday. I hope it is not torn, if it is, he will need surgery. Feel better Sweetie!!

During the week Holly (our yellow Lab) must have caught her nail on something and got herself a little cut on her paw out in the backyard. Our poor furry baby now has a limp and if she continues to do so I will take her to the Vet on Monday. It breaks my heart to see my honey and our baby in pain.

Our backyard is horrible and not at all how E would like it. He is from upstate NY and loves a beautiful, lush, green lawn. Its basically dirt with weeds growing out of it. We have been trying to repair it, but, hopefully the management company here on post will lay new sod when they put in our cement patio...whenever that will be. Oh and did I mention that when it rains it pours in our basement...that is why we need the cement patio. The water has no where to go and seeps in through the walls of the basement. Thank goodness we have a kayak.

I hurt my knee during a Boot Camp fitness class here on post. E thinks I strained my ACL and MCL during one of our drills or sprints. So, I missed 2 sessions this past week and will miss the last 2 sessions next week. So, now I will have to ease up on my workouts and wait for this to heal.

So, here we are the 3 amigos...with some kind of gimp. Of course, the crafting bug is calling to me and I had to answer. We picked up this adorable unfinished mission doorway entry table. I painted it this beautiful red color today and will spray lacquer on it tomorrow. I guess tomorrow will be a crafting/laundry day. I have to finish my Christmas cards too. I will post pics of those when I finish.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site. I really do appreciate it!
    I have lived all over Ga. From north Ga. to south Ga. I loved it. About 10 years ago I lived, for one year, in a tiny town called Montezuma. It is between Perry and Albany. The county is Macon. Andersonville War Memorial (prison camp during the cival war) Is not far from there and an awesome day trip if you guys are interested. It really is incredible.
    I'll be soon to visit!

  2. I've been enjoying reading your blog, you keep it interesting. Here's sending good wishes to you three injured amigos to relax and recuperate and enjoy each others company while you do so. I'll look forward to pics of the table and the cards :-)

  3. Bless your hearts... I hope you mend soon. I started running this summer and have really been struggling with my knee as well.


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