Sunday, August 28, 2011

Isn't she beautiful!!!

E and I have been looking for the longest time for an antique Singer treadle sewing machine. We came across one up here in Canada and couldn't wait to pick it up. It is an F model and was manufactured sometime between 1910-1920. It is in wonderful shape and still works. I love the treadle machine and the beautiful oak desk/cabinetry it is housed in.

I love all of the detail on these machines, the cabinets and the beautiful wrought iron .

History of the Treadle Machine

Although sewing machines were invented in 1790 they were not mass produced until over sixty years later. In the 1850s Singer developed a machine where the needle moved in an up and down motion through the fabric rather than the side to side motion that had been used previously. The other difference was Singer's treadle design, a machine that was powered by a rocking motion of the seamstress's feet rather than hand cranked.
Singer machine used the same stitch that Elias Howe had patented in 1846. Howe sued Singer for patent infringement and won the case in 1854. Singer had to pay Howe patent royalties from each machine sold. Not only did Singer have to pay retroactively, but he had to pay Howe $1.15 per machine sold from that point on.

I hope you all of have a wonderful day, especially, my family, friends and everyone dealing with Hurricane Irene.


  1. Oh my! I super jealous!! I used to sew on one of these in college at the military property warehouse that I use to work at. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my damask tote bag! :)

  2. How lucky are you to have some so lovely and old and still working.

  3. My mouth drops every time I see a pic of one of these treadle machines...she is gorgeous. What an awesome purchase and so worth every penny. Enjoy!
    Thanks for stopping by too, I'm happy to be a new follower :D

  4. Very cool! Thank you for visiting Unique! I am a new follower!

  5. She really is a beauty! My Mother-in-Law has an old treadle machine, not a singer but it looks the same, set into a table. she's promised it to me one day!


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