Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recycled Refashion first!!

Hello Everyone,

I recently took a class called Recycled Refashion. Sue (my instructor) taught me how to take a pair of jeans and turn it into a skirt. Here is my first tutorial of how I learned how to accomplish this.

1. Take a pair of jeans and cut the upper part off. Don't throw away the legs, you will be using those shortly.

2. I removed the flap over the button-fly, so, it would show the buttons and add a decorative touch.

3. I opened up the seams on both legs and the opened the center seam. Open up above the curve of the seam so it will lay flat when you go to pin.

4. I opened up one of legs for the front opening and the the other leg for the back opening of skirt. I lined up the center seams and pinned. I used a jean needle and a straight stitch as a baste to keep it in place.

5. Then, I sewed using a twin jean needle and jean thread to get the same "seam" look. I had a difficult time with the jean thread, but, once I got the hang of it...majority of my seams were straight LOL. With a few washes the bottom of the skirt will get that "fringed" look.

6. Here is the finished skirt. I kept the back a little bit longer than the front, so, it would be balanced when worn.

I am also taking a skirt that has an adorable bottom and attaching it to the top half of another pair of jeans I have (pictures soon to follow).

Have a wonderful evening and weekend.


  1. Great tutorial and great idea. Will have to show this to my teenage daughter and see if she would like to try it out. Thanks.

  2. They turned out great!

  3. Hi Alisha! You are quite the seamstress now. This is a great project and your tutorial is terrific. I'm so glad you've enjoyed your classes so much. It seems like you've learned a ton.
    Thanks for inquiring about my health issues. I'm still doing a lot of testing trying to find some answers. Hopefully soon.


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